Having a healthy sense of self

Often times I get questions like, how do you manage to smile and be confident always? …(Especially from people who know the things I go through) It can be very hard to stay confident when life keeps hitting you hard in all the wrong places. Constantly being in and out of life’s struggles could put you in bind of feeling like you will never be able to live the life of your dreams. While, It is easier to radiate confidence when you’re successful and getting it right; what happens when everything seems to be going south?

Self confidence is a vital ingredient for personal growth though easier achievable for some than others. Unfortunately confidence is not something we are born with. It is birthed from how you think, how you feel and what you do. Many women struggle with being confident in themselves.

A healthy sense of self is something you work on. It doesn’t just happen. If you never reach, you won’t learn and when you don’t learn, you don’t grow. This is where knowing what you’re good at comes to play. Be aware of and know your strengths, then start feeding them and you’ll feel very good about yourself when they growth kicks in. -and like I always say, “whatever you feed grows!” If you keep on blessing yourself everyday and tell yourself all that you want to become, It will manifest and  eventually boost your self esteem because those words become your reality as long as you believe them.

Not getting the approval you desire can get under your skin. Develop thick skinIf by being your own biggest fan. Celebrate every step of your journey including your flaws. Learn to be your own cheerleader . If you feel confident in a good dress, hair and makeup, play dress-up very often and be unapologetic about it – works for me every time. The way you love yourself tells me how much of it you can give another.

I don’t always have it figured out neither do I live a life void of insecurities. In low moments, I have cried and questioned God, other times I stress eat among others but hey! God didn’t say it was going to be easy but He promised to be with us through the storm; Meaning there’s going to be a storm and you’re getting THROUGH It. Everything that has a “through” had a “beginning” and definitely has an “end”. Do not limit God’s potential to the Beginning and The End. He is also a God of the Middle. Having such an assurance has been my ray of Hope in times of despair. That’s how I have managed to survive with my head steady high up.

Using my blogging venture as an example, the idea of blogging initially got me scared because there are loads of women out there who have been into blogging for many years and have raised the bar so high beginners like myself wonder if we can meet up.

The Cameroonian society I come from doesn’t make it easier either. The moment you try to stay consistent, your engagement drops because it is misconstrued for show-off. Things like these could make you feel like you’re not good enough. Should I be bothered ? Of course not because I get my satisfaction first from loving what I do and I understand the principle of sowing and reaping. People resonate more with success forgetting that it always starts from the ground up. Some seeds may take longer to grow than others and while praying mine grows into a tree rooted very deep to withstand every storm, I am also hoping that it draws positive admiration to its flowers and bear fruits in due season which will feed women and give them seeds to multiply the vision.



This may have been a long read but I do hope it was worth your while. I would love to read from you. Tell me about some of your journeys and tips regarding self confidence in the comments section. Also ask questions and I will answer.

Be Confident!! xoxo