What your skintone says about you

For a very long time, my favorite color to wear was brown. I thought it looked great on me then as well as now but with time I noticed I was getting the most compliments whenever I wore other bright colors with yellow being a crowd favorite. That’s how I slowly started falling for color yellow alongside other bright colors. My color preferences have greatly evolved over time. Initially I was more drawn to earthy colors like brown, the darker shades of orange and green, nudes and off whites and quite honestly, I still am but fast forwarding to today, yellow constitutes about a third of what you will find in my closet which is funny because growing up, I always thought it was overly bright and too conspicuous for me. I associated brighter colors to darker skinned girls and I thought, the lighter your skin, the more subtle your outfit color choices should be but boy was I wrong!



News Flash!! Knowing what colors compliment your skin tone is more about your skin undertone than it is about your skin color.

Until a few years ago, I had no idea what undertones were but I sure knew what colors worked for me and now I’m even more happy to know I have a warm undertone because it makes it really easy to coordinate the colors in my closet nicely and I would love to share a few tips with you.

Knowing how colors compliment your skin tone.

Knowing how colors compliment your skin can instantly take you from gloomy to radiant looking and you don’t have to be a fashionista to know what colors compliment your skintone.

Three types of skin undertones exist.
Cool, Warm and Neutral undertones. Regardless of your race and skin tone, you can have a cool, warm or neutral undertone so this really has little or nothing to do with your color or race. You are probably starting to wonder how to identify where you fall. If you are asking yourself questions right now, here’s a good place to start.

Your veins! Yes you read right. Veins! The color of your veins will give you an insight of what your skin undertone is. I thought this was the simplest and easiest way to find out. If you hold out your wrist and are able to see the veins on your inner wrist? Check out the color. If they appear blue, that’s an indication of a cool undertone. If your veins are green, you have a warm undertone and if you can’t seem to figure out where you fall, you may have a neutral undertone which is a mixture of both cool and warm so your veins will likely look a mixture of both.

A few fashion tips to guide you when choosing your accessories and clothing especially if you want something that lets your skin glow and be the best it can be.

For you my cool undertone friends;
-Silver Jewelry and white gold will looks better on you than yellow gold.
-Best outfit colors For You: Blue, Green , Sea-water-sky colors, greys, purple, white, pink and red.
If you are like me with a warm undertone,
-Yellow gold looks better on you
-Best Colors for You : yellow, nude, brown, burnt orange, earthy shades, peach, yellow-greens, ivory and warm reds.
For Neutral Undertones, its really easier for you to rock any color really but here’s the thing. Usually when you have a neutral undertone, even-though cool and warm colors suit you, if you are keen, you would notice some colors look better than others. You can be neutral but you look better in cool than warm colors or vice versa because one undertone often dominates the other so just play around with colors and if you are keen, you will tilt fore to warmer or cooler colors.

This is by no means an attempt to limit you in any way. The fact that you may have a warm or cool undertone doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot have fun with other colors. This is just a guide to letting your skin come through in the most glorious way deserving to you.

Hopefully this has been informative to you and helps you moving forward.

Love You All For Reading And I Hope You Come Back To Read Another Day! xoxo