Reinvention to a happier you

“happiness is the spritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.”


We could all agree that the road to perfection can be unrealistic in so many dimensions. Many times we find ourselves working very hard on self improvement and that’s a tremendous thing to do. Self improvement could mean different things. It could be putting in effort to be better at your job, personality, acquiring a new skill, or getting rid of a bad habit. Whatever self improvement means to you, the gains are always rewarding but getting there can be overwhelmingly exhausting and honestly, its hard to keep up with perfection because there is always going to be someone better than you in every aspect.


This is why acceptance is very vital when striving to be perfect. We always have to accept the things we can’t change while working hard to fix those we can.
For me, I have always accepted the fact that I may never be a size 6 or even a size 10 and because of this, I find myself content with how I look and who I am today regardless of who or what I want to become tomorrow.

You may have noticed how the conversation constantly flows back to self image because that’s what I try to advocate for; with plus-size women being my focal point. Not because other sizes don’t need the ted talk but quite honestly, if you have never been a big girl, you will hardly understand the numerous issues big girls face and in plain terms I must tell you, the struggle is always real!! Many plus size women have a really hard time loving and accepting themselves for who they are and how they look. I count myself lucky to have fought these insecurities at an earlier time in my life and I try to use this platform as a medium to uplift and encourage my friends out there who are still trying hard to get to the place of self acceptance and confidence.


Diving back in, we can all agree that keeping up with worldly standards of the perfect body is like chasing a candle in the wind. One day we are told skinny and slim is ideal; next you know, its thick and curvy. To the point where we are pushed to get surgical procedures or wear certain types of clothing, just so we can fit in to the narrative of what’s appealing to the masses. When would the cycle stop? It may or may never end but your reception to these standards of beauty is what matters. Getting a procedure done is not always bad because some of them are health driven but what your overall motive is, it what makes all the difference.

What is the quality of your thoughts?


We all struggle with things that need fixing. Some fixes are quicker than others. Flaws may become inevitable and we cant always focus on eliminating them because they play a part in who you are as a person . Ever heard the saying perfect is boring? Or better put as I quote from a Beyoncé song , ”Perfection is the disease of the nation”. There is so much beauty in imperfection, if only we allow ourselves to see it.









Do not fear pressure. There will be no diamonds without pressure on coal.

How I manage the pressure of being better today than I was yesterday is, I try to strike a balance. I came to an understanding that there were many things about me I honestly couldn’t change no matter how hard I tried or maybe I haven’t tried hard enough.

Bad habits like poor anger management, holding onto hurt and internalizing pain and even being a perfectionist are a few among many things I struggle to fix everyday but that hasn’t really happened. Why? Because some of the things I see as wrong actually appeals to some people around me and it’s those things make them like me better. I decided to take a different approach where instead of putting too much effort in getting rid of these areas I considered flaws, I started harnessing them to work in my favor.

Happy tip

Always smile more. The world really does need more of it.

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering if we should then just leave our flaws be. if that’s you, the answer is no.

You can try to eliminate them if you must but in my case, instead of focusing my mind on taking them away, I started channeling all that negative energy into feeding my strengths. This not only starved the personality distractions but it refined and nourished my strengths making them even more appealing.

I strongly believe if you starve your flaws/ distractions and feed your goals/strengths, those flaws will die a natural death without you noticing. Look at it this way; Whatever you feed grows and whatever you starve dies.

On this note, we should live everyday in radiation of positive vibes and what ever we put out will radiate right back to us exponentially. Keep striving my dear, it’s always a good time to be a better you. Focus on the best parts of you and the not so great ones will ease out of your life naturally.